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The following is just a sample of some recent cases handled by our firm. This is in addition to non-litigation type work our firm routinely does, such as contracts, agreements, employment handbooks, wills, corporate formation, matrimonials (including contested and uncontested divorces), and other legal work and cases.

Securities Arbitration - $7.86 Million Judgment
Investment advisor defrauded investors by unsuitably investing their money into a speculative Chinese stock. Award included full damages, punitive damages, interest, costs, and attorney's fees.

Securities Arbitration - $1.4 Million Judgment
Investment Manager unsuitably invested trust accounts involving options, low-priced securities, and concentration in Chinese stocks, leading to lost appreciation of $1.1 million. Award included attorney's fees and interest.

Breach of Contract/Breach of Fiduciary Duty - $1.2 Million Judgment
Client's business partner had received money from the LLC without client's knowledge or permission. The business partner also failed to repay some of his company obligations, which our client paid for. Our firm successfully obtained a $1.2 million judgment including interest against the business partner.

Securities Arbitration - $600,000 Arbitration Award
Broker defrauded client into purchasing risky corporate note, that was then defaulted on. 100% damage award achieved against successor brokerage firm more than 14 years after the purchase of the note.

Securities Arbitration - $580,000 Arbitration Award
Brokers convinced client to retire early and rollover his retirement funds into 72(t) IRA accounts. Brokerage firm argued that the recommendation was suitable, and that furthermore, the client had net profits of $375,000.00 in the account and so had no losses. Our firm obtained an arbitration award of $580,000.00 plus 8% postjudgment interest after a two day hearing.

Securities Arbitration - $578,000 Arbitration Award
Broker unsuitably and excessively traded client's account. Award included full compensatory damages, punitive damages, and interest.

Securities Arbitration - $195,000 Arbitration Award
Brokerage firm argued that client was a sophisticated millionaire who was fully aware of the risks involved in his trading strategy, and furthermore that the activity was consistent with the client's account objectives and risk tolerances. Our firm obtained an arbitration award of $195,000.00 after a four day hearing.

Securities Arbitration - $92,000 Settlement
Client had $152,000 in losses from risky ETF's, $89,000 of which was from activity in the six years prior to the arbitration. Our firm successfully settled the case for $92,000.00 in lieu of going to a hearing.

Breach of Contract/Intellectual Property - $75,000 Judgment
Client hired developer to build website. Client fully paid. Developer kept the domain under his own name and then wanted client to pay $700.00 to transfer the domain. Our firm obtained a $75,000.00 judgment against the defendant for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and trademark infringement.

Foreclosure - $60,000 Settlement
Client's home went into foreclosure. Bank was days away from obtaining a Judgment of Foreclosure. Our firm made an emergency motion to the court and was successful in obtaining a withdrawal of the case by the bank and a settlement involving the removal of more than $60,000.00 in interest.

Breach of Contract - $50,000 Settlement
Client hired developer to build website. Website had numerous bugs and developer was not completing work in a timely fashion. Our firm obtained a $50,000.00 settlement in lieu of an action for breach of contract.

Intellectual Property - Trademark Defense
Client was sent a demand letter for a claimed trademark infringement by a famous international clothing designer, threatening suit in federal court. Our firm was able to get the alleged owner of the trademark to stop contacting our client with just two letters.

Intellectual Property - Cancellation of Trademark
Client sought to use a mark that was currently registered as a federal trademark. Our firm was successful in its application before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel the federal registration.

Insurance - Reversal on Internal Appeal
Client had two necessary mecial procedures performed. Insurance company disclaimed coverage. Client was denied three appeals for coverage. Our firm was able to get the insurance company to reverse their denial of coverage on appeal.

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