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Firm's Philosophy

The Law Offices of Jonathan E. Neuman, Esq. are driven by two main ideals.

The first ideal is that our clients are a part of our family, and as such, we strive to achieve the best possible result as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. We do not try to maximize our billable hours, and we will never pad or artifically inflate our time. We know how expensive legal matters can get, and we do not desire to enrich our pockets at the expense of those of our clients. We would rather get the job done right to the complete satisfaction of our clients, even it means that we will take home a little less money at the end of the day. Our clients are our priority; not our wallets.

This leads into the second ideal, which is that no case is too small. We believe that every party is entitled to superior legal representation, whether you are a solo mother struggling to make ends meet, a budding entrepreneur ready to plunge into the unknown, or a multibillion dollar corporation looking to enter a new business deal. We treat all of our clients equally. We will never turn away a case because we deem it to be "beneath" us. Every client is respected and admired, and every client is treated accordingly. We will never let your case languish while we focus on our "bigger" clients. We have no "bigger" clients. Every client is our "biggest" client, and every case is as important to us as the next. We endeavor to do right by our clients, and that means every client.

We look forward to meeting with you and demonstrating our firm's utmost commitment to each of our clients.

Office Locations

Long Island
1325 Franklin Avenue,
Suite 555,
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 331-1501

176-25 Union Turnpike,
Suite 230,
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
(347) 450-6710