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Fees & Billing Arrangements

The Law Offices of Jonathan E. Neuman, Esq. pride ourselves on our flexibility to accept fee and billing arrangements to meet our client’s unique situations. We are open to a variety of fee and billing arrangements depending on the situation and the complexity of the matter. If a matter is simple, then we will charge a fee for a simple matter; we will never pad or inflate our bill at the expense of our clients.

Our various billing arrangements include:

  • Hourly rates
  • Fixed total fee for the project
  • Fixed annual general counsel fee for expected work flow
  • Reduced hourly rates coupled with a success fee
  • Contingency fees based on success

While the particular circumstances will determine which billing arrangements we could agree to, we are open to discuss any reasonable proposal and to work to structure an arrangement which works for the client. At the Law Offices of Jonathan E. Neuman, Esq. our clients always come first, not our wallets. We would rather help our clients and work out a payment system with them, than send them away to fend for themselves because of legal fees. Our clients are our primary concern, not our fees. Please schedule an appointment today, and let us do what we love doing best: helping our clients.


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